Hearty Lifestyle with Rita Throup, Fitness, Nordic Walking and Bootcamp Instructor in Briercliffe

Fittness in Briercliffe - Nordic Walking in Briercliffe

since 2000 I started visiting one of my best friends, her name is Nina, she lives in Sweden and for me she is like the mum I never had (mine died when I was only 2 years old) but that is another story.

In my visit in 2002, she had some health problems and she showed me the poles, she explained to me that her doctor recommended the practice of Nordic Walking as a process of rehabilitation. By then I didn't really get it, but she took me to a shop to buy a pair to bring to England. In the shop they gave me a crash course and showed me the right way to measure them and there you go!

​By then, back home I started my Nordic Walking. The people used to look at me like I had two heads, they were giving me comments like; where is the snow love? or You forgot your skis!, very annoying but I carry on doing my lovely Nordic Walking or Nordic Pole Walking, like they call it in the States.

​My next chapter will follow; changes in life....

​My life was between, translations, interpreting, tutoring, Nordic walking and dancing. 19 years ago I started doing Street dance, I've got my bronze, silver and gold medals! and i was a very happy lady doing my Nordic Walking and my dancing, that turn more into Hip Hop.

​Everything was perfect until July 2013, when I found a lump in my breast, even though the result from the mammogram that I had that summer was negative, I wasn't happy with the lump. I was refer to the Breast clinic.

On the 30th august 2013 (my son's birthday) I have the results delivered. I had an Invasive Lobullar Cancer!

Well, well on the 3rd October 2013 I had a mastectomy with reconstruction. After three months of resting, I found some yoga exercises in youtube and slowly I started getting back into shape. In January 2014, my husband said: get your poles, I was a bit curious on how my body will take it, I couldn't dance but I could Nordic Walk!!!

I was getting my whole life back, the happiness of the freedom, the mobilisation of my whole body, priceless. Thank you to my Nordic Walking.

Then life carry on.....

​Until one day in the summer of 2014 I went to google and search for Nordic Walking groups and I found very exciting information!!!!

My next chapter will tell you more......How I became a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor.

I found out that I could obtain qualifications to become a Nordic Walking Instructor. On my first anniversary since my operation I started the research, I enrolled myself in the course, I studied and studied, prepare all the course work, took the practical sessions and finally after passing all my written and practical exams, and completing all the course work, I became a Qualified Nordic Walking Instructor.

I enroll myself in the REP's (Register of Exercise Professionals, took the insurance and here I am!

I hope you liked my story.

​More will come, keep an eye on me :-) 

New chapter:

The following year in 2015 I became a qualified Fitness Instructor and I completed a MSE course. But I didn't stop there........

In March this year 2017 I became a Bootcamp Instructor! a side story to this:

On the way back from London after completing this course, sadly somebody crash me in the Motorway. I felt fine, but on the 2nd of May....

I started with a terrible pain in my gluteous area to be more precise around the piriformis. Well I had lots of physio, I learned a lot!!!

After nearly a week bed bound, I was recovering very fast.

Nowadays I do my stretches first thing in the morning and just before going to bed, I must say I feel great!!!

My sessions are tailor made all depends what my participants need!

Ok folks this are my news for now, see you soon