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Another good combo:

40 g oats, 1 table spoon crushed almonds, your daily intake of chia seeds (15g) and 200ml alkaline water (better), If you are against microwaves cook it in a pan, if you are a pro microwave cook it for 2 minutes and voilá. Your very substantial porridge is ready!


Once per month I have a big task, juice production, pure goodness in a bottle.

What do I do?....

Well I get my juicer out and I start the process. I use: carrots (6 kg), apples (4 kg), ginger (plenty 500 g) spinach, kale, cabbage, and whatever I find in the fridge. Very important, my juicer doesn't have blades, that means the vegetables and fruit is crushed, therefore the enzymes are intact. I have 200 ml every morning and I mix it with 15 g of chia seeds for extra energy. Try it!