Hearty lifestyle Nordic Walking with Rita Throup

‚Äčin Briercliffe, Burnley

Why not book a session for Nordic Walking in Briercliffe, Burnley?

During the session you will:

*Warm up you joints with gentle mobilisation exercises

*Learn the Nordic Walking technique

*Gently raise your heart rate during a warm up

*Do pre work out stretches

* Do a Nordic Walking work out

* Do some MSE (Muscular strength endurance) training

*Re warm up to cool down with NW (to have all your muscles warm) just before doing the post workout stretches to prevent injury and relax your muscles after your session.

Do everything at Hearty Lifestyle Nordic Walking Total Workout with Rita Throup in Briercliffe - Burnley.

Hearty Lifestyle with Rita Throup, Fitness, Nordic Walking and Bootcamp Instructor in Briercliffe

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